Together and Apart
Together and Apart is a multipurpose, modular furniture system for residential, hospitality, or even office use.
The primary unit consists of two wedges that interlock at a saw-toothed surface, allowing them to fit together at any of many different levels. This allows them to create a furniture in a wide, adjustable assortment of heights, widths, and shapes.
More than two wedges can be combined, making the range of options for chairs, benches, booster seats for kids, side tables, laptop desks, coffee tables, lounges, nightstands, and more nearly limitless.
The design is currently available in solid white oak and —as seen below—on a made-to-order basis, and will be available in a eco-friendly EVA foam version—shown separately here on this website.

The blocks are also available cork as well as cast in various materials and sizes for indoor and outdoor use.

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