Letter opener made of old letters

For many years when I was younger, I apprenticed with a violin maker—where I daily worked with fine hardwoods and finishes, and was taught to pay the utmost attention to not only detail, but also how the materials influenced the function and appearance of the instruments. This work inspires my design work today, as I place great emphasis on how materials and craftsmanship will influence the form and usability of each object.
This letter opener may (or may not) be made of old letters. The blade is made of a material consisting of post-consumer recycled paper pulp bound together with a vegetable-based resin, so there's a fair chance some letters made their way in. The handle is made of solid poplar wood sourced from a forest in Upstate New York, where the letter opener is made. The result is an object that I hope will bring pleasure to the mundane task we must all perform daily: opening mail.

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